Frequently asked questions



[expand title="What services does Spranza provide?"]Spranza offers a wide range of services to include: Onsite training, audit consultation, program development, management assistance and grant writing.


[expand title="If I elect to participate in training programs how much does it cost?"]

Training course prices vary by topic and location.  To obtain a specific price for a particular in-service course contact a Spranza representative.


[expand title="Can I take classes on-line?"]

Yes, several topics are available through our interactive distance learning center.  Currently available courses include: Human Trafficking, Airport Employee Security Awareness and Training for Trainers – a Methods Program.  Many of our ICAO Training Directory classes will appear in the distance learning center over the coming months.  Call or email for a complete listing or to register for an existing program.


[expand title="If I need to contact a Spranza representative, how do I reach them?"]

Spranza representatives can be reached between 0800hrs and 1830hrs EST. by phone at +772.237.0166, or email: marie.training@gmx.com or administration at: director@spranza.com


[expand title="Does Spranza provide assistance in creating documents such as airport/airline security plans, emergency plans or station contingency plans?"]

Yes, Spranza offers a wide range of assistance in preparation and review of the following:

i.      Airport/airline security plans

ii.      Airport/airline emergency plans

iii.      Quality assurance program

iv.      SMS (Safety management Systems) program

v.      Establishing and maintenance of the airport security committee

vi.      National and local AVSEC training programs

vii.      AVSEC and ARF Crisis Management Programs


[expand title="What guarantee do I have that the documents prepared by Spranza will pass ICAO/IOSA or ECAC audit?"]Spranza guarantees its work. Should you not pass audit due to an omission or mistake on the part of Spranza we will re-write the document at no additional charge.  Should the document meet standard but there be an issue with the auditor, Spranza will argue the case on the client’s behalf and work to correct the situation, again at no additional charge to the client.


[expand title="How many students must there be in order to have a training class at my facility?"]The exact number varies with the topic and your venue.  Classes may be conducted for as few as 10 students, and 1:1 instruction is available for Quality Assurance Program and Training Program Officers.


[expand title="How can I get a schedule of upcoming classes and their venues?"]To obtain a schedule of in-service classes and available Interactive Distance Learning programs email our training officer at: marie.training@gmx.com or contact our training department by phone at:+772.237.0166 in the USA


[expand title="If I cannot provide proof that I work in the Airport or Airline Industry, can I still take an on-line course from Spranza?"]Yes. However, the course selections are limited to non-Airport and Airline Industry topics.


[expand title="How can I prove that I have successfully completed a Spranza on-line course and receive proper credit for taking the course?"]Every student who successfully completes an on-line as well as a course at their facility receives a certificate of completion embossed with the student’s photograph, trainer signature, course title and number of credit hours. Student’s human resources manager will be sent an individual student training record detailing the course topics, student progress and final grade.




If the information above doesn't help Call our support +772.237.0166.