Aviation Security Management



Importance of Aviation Security Management

Aviation security management skills are essential for any airport security manager or airline security manager to properly prepare a security apparatus to effectively combat unlawful interference of airport operations. Criminal and terrorist tactics are constantly evolving new methods to infiltrate or circumvent current avsec procedures and ill-prepared management can be costly, or even compromising to the safety and security of the traveling public. Aviation Security management is expected to remain current with; the newest threats to civil aviation, the latest approaches to combat these threats, and changing legislation, international standards, and directives.

Roles of Aviation Security Management

The role of Aviation Security Management can be dauntingly broad. Security faces numerous threats and security violations from the perimeter, passengers, and employees. In addition to the basic security duties, Security is responsible for customer service, inter-agency communication, and safety and administrative responsibilities during a crisis; all while staying vigilant. The exact role of an Airport Security Manager or Airline Security Manager  can vary by airport or region and subject to change by your airport’s security programme, but Spranza separates training into four main categories:

Evaluating security procedures – how to compare security operating procedures to your airport security programme and national security plans and initiate new procedures to ensure compliance, conducting airport threat assessments, and preparing for security audits

Allocating resources – how to create a plan to utilize personnel and equipment within your budget constraints to optimize effectiveness and compile the data in a usable format

Creating guidelines -how to create Recruitment, training, and management procedures that comply with ICAO and local standards as part of an effort to create a more disciplined security force, as well as ensuring your airport (or organization) has a proper security awareness program

Incident response – conducting security exercises and evaluating your security response for appropriate re-training to ensure you address all the threats identified and manage the risks within the constraints of your resources

What this class offers to an Airport Security Manager (or Airline Security Manager)

This course gives students a greater understanding and enhanced technical skills to apply Systems Management techniques including effective planning and administrative tools for the development, implementation and evaluation of airport security operations involved in both daily operations and crisis situations.

Before the conclusion of this class each student will have participated in multiple classroom simulations to experiment with the application of their planning and administrative tools and create a security operations plan. 

See the ICAO listing here

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