Aviation Risk Management and Airport Contingency Planning



Aviation Risk Management

Aviation Risk Management is essential to the security and safety of any aerodrome. Airport and airline personnel designated with risk management responsibilities require specific training in order to be best prepared for aviation incidents or accidents. These personnel must be trained to properly identify the specific risks to their operation and create appropriate and achievable response SOPs. Risks to aviation come in all forms: internal, external, mechanical (or operational), and those risks can be to the security of the passengers and personnel, or their general safety. ICAO mandates that each airport have a mechanism in place not only to identify and assess the risks, but to notify personnel of changing SOPs proportionate to the threat presented in changing risk levels. Only through proper assessment can the risk be accurately measured and therefore minimized an inappropriate response to rising or falling risk can cost resources, or lead to compromised safety of passengers.

Airport Contingency Planning

Once the risk has been properly assessed and precautions are prepared, the responsible party must then have the skills to update existing airport contingency plans commensurate with the new risks. Airport contingency plans and over all airport emergency plans are complex documents that require participation by all stakeholders and first responders. While no one person without specific technical expertise can be expected to produce this document, it often can fall on the person with risk management responsibilities to update or recommend changes to the airport contingency plans; as any change in operations must be reflected in this document in order to remain in compliance. In order the manage a risk SOPs, contingency plans, and operational changes must all be part of any effort to affect change. This class was designed with the intention of assisting students in both; creating risk management assessment tools and supplying them with the skills to update contingency plans without the need of outside consultancy.

This course will  help students gain a better understanding of those elements and organizations which pose a potential threat to local airport operations; the design, development and implementation of a pro-active Airport Security Program; readiness, response and recovery; the tactical operations and strategic tactics necessary, and the techniques for making optimal, effective and efficient decisions.

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