Airport Security Awareness Training

Airport Security Awareness

This is a course mandated by ICAO for all employees before they can begin work on the airport property (and re-training as specified by the state). Airport security awareness is one of the most important responsibilities employees have while on-site. Awareness is an on-going process that requires vigilance, not just of passengers, but fellow employees and visitors. Many employees are unaware of their daily responsibilities to the security and safety of the airport.

Spranza’s Airport Security Awareness course provides essential training to all personnel who are employed by; or must frequent the airport facility in the routine course of their jobs. This program explores the duties and cooperative role each person plays in maintaining effective and efficient airside and landside proactive security measures. These duties include: proper ID badge, monitoring, notification, and conflict resolution procedures. It’s essential that non-security personnel are competently trained to identify possible threats to airport safety and efficiently notify security for observation, as well as be aware of how to best safeguard their area and persons from unlawful acts.

It’s the responsibility of airport management to disseminate this information to all employees and explain how employees can resolve security issues or concerns. Spranza recommends Airport Security Awareness re-training for employees as often as needed as this is the foundation for effective security policy.

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