Air Cargo Security Training

Air Cargo Security Training

This course will certify selected air cargo security personnel in the security measures and procedures necessary for the protection of cargo, courier/ express parcels, mail and air operator’s supplies, in accordance with their aviation security programme.

Personnel require special training to properly handle and protect cargo, mail, and supplies. Without adequate training, the handling process can become the most vulnerable point in your operation’s security.


Threats to Air Cargo Security

In order to mitigate that vulnerability, personnel must be familiar with the various threats that face your operation; criminal, terrorist, and safety-related threats all pose a risk to safeguarding cargo. The numerous threats to security are constantly evolving and in order to be effective, security personnel must be trained with the latest up-to-date information on threats and tools to stay abreast with all security risks.

Knowledge of Air Cargo Security Policy

In order to apply appropriate security controls to cargo consignments the Air Cargo Security personnel must have intimate knowledge of the policies and international best practices governing the acceptance, movement, and control of air cargo and mail, and Regulated Agent Security Programs. Personnel must be familiar with the regulations set forth by IATA, ICAO, and the individual state in order to maintain compliance with best practices for preventing a security incident. A lapse in air cargo security policy an explosive, hazardous material, or dangerous good could be introduced without the knowledge of employees or passengers.


Evaluating Students in Air Cargo Security 

Students will be tested in practical exercise to ensure they demonstrate an ability to identify threats in an operational environment. and can competently execute security controls and incident response plans during a cargo or mail incident. Those security controls include screening, access control and response to incidents including hazardous materials and dangerous goods.


See the ICAO listing here

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