Aviation Security Training


Aviation Security Training 

Spranza’s approach to aviation security training is competency-based combining hands-on practice and academic instruction while incorporating the latest computer technologies. The success of our students, as measured by pre and post-tests and skills evaluations indicate that Spranza students increase their job knowledge and skills by 76%. Since Spranza’s long history of training in civil aviation and airport security are unsurpassed in their field these programs exceed both IATA and ICAO training standards.

Spranza also provides mandatory retraining and follow-up as may be requested by the client.

Spranza Aviation Security Training courses:

  • All Spranza programs and services offered are customized to our client’s needs and budgetary considerations.
  • Our objective is to provide quality assured professional training services, which deliver visible results. We focus on the effective transfer of knowledge and understanding in aviation regulation, compliance monitoring and oversight.
  • Spranza courses are created and developed by our own instructors and are ICAO compliant, and are included in the ICAO Aviation Training Directory. Our courses are supervised by Spranza training managers who are members of the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau and who are listed by ICAO as Certified Professional Managers.
  • Our mission is to provide training program participants with specific competencies that enable the practical application in your own environment.
  • Spranza also provides mandatory retraining and follow-up as requested by the client.
  • Our expertise is reflected in our broad range of available courses and workshops as well as our web-based training solutions.
  • Spranza’s tailored training and consultancy solutions add value to your organization. We take the time to understand our client’s requirements and explore how our capability can contribute to enhancing your aviation security performance.

SPRANZA’s ICAO COMPLIANT Aviation Security Training Courses

ICAO Course                     Course Title


131                             Aviation Security Basic Course (Aerodrome Security)

131                             Aviation Security Basic Course (Airline Security)

10                               Basic Aircraft Accident Investigation

137                             National Security Inspector Course

201                             Safety Management Systems

159                             Air Operator Flight Security Monitor/Ground Security Coordinator

159                             AVSEC Checkpoint Supervisor

159                             Performing a Local Security Audit

133                             Fraud, Waste and Abuse Abatement

133                             Airport Security Awareness Training

130                             Innovative Profiling Techniques

130                             Integrated Security Screener Training

130                             Interpersonal Communication for Security Personnel

134                             Security Systems Testing and Evaluation

133                             AVSEC Quality Assurance Officer Training

200                             Combating Infectious Diseases

130                             Strategies for Combating Airport/Aircraft Sabotage

159                             Defining the Threat to Civil Aviation: Religious and Political Extremists

133                             Civil Aviation Access Control Policy and Procedures

130                             Proactive Responses to Threat of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Agents

135                             Airport Emergency Planning and Exercise Implementation

10                               Environmental Considerations in Aviation Security

133                             AVSEC Supervisor Basic

133                             AVSEC Advanced Supervisor Training

159                             Observation and Monitoring

123                             Aviation Risk Management and Contingency Planning

119                              Recurring Training for First Responders

132                             AVSEC Instructor- Training for Trainers

130                             AVSEC Close Quarters Tactics (CQT)

130                             Interrogation and Report Writing

10                                Aviation Security Management: A Systems Approach

10                               English for Non-English Speakers

180                             DANGEROUS GOODS: Initial Local Code 34891

180                             DANGEROUS GOODS: Recurrent Local Code 3489 2

.                                  Human Trafficking: Airline Readiness and Response

136                            Air Cargo and Mail Security





For a full listing of all Spranza courses visit the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) course listing website: ICAO



Distance Learning

Pioneers in Aviation Security (AVSEC) Distance Learning, Spranza has developed effective task-oriented learning techniques, proven successful, regardless of the student’s formal academic educational level.

Spranza offers a full range of security, emergency planning and AVSEC administrative programs combining interactive web pages, student evaluations, multi-media downloads and student record administration.  Programs are drawn from Spranza entries in the ICAO Training Directory as well as from client input.


Whether general service, commercial facility or air operator, programs are custom-tailored to meet individual client needs. They are designed to meet ICAO Trainair Standards, and programs offer the student a truly unique, interactive, learning experience.

Primarily used for follow-on training or mandatory re-training, many of our present in-service training programs are available in e-form. Students pace themselves, and work on a flexible schedule, thus drastically reducing the need to schedule full training days. Personnel with access to a computer and the World Wide Web can log on and learn from work, home or while traveling.

Subscriptions to our Distance Learning Program can prove a cost-effective alternative to on-site training and the contracting of outside instructional personnel.


For more information contact spranzallc@gmail.com or training@spranza.com. Please call our U.S. office at +772.237.0166 or Skype at fspranza.


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