Airport Emergency Plans

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Airport Emergency Plans 

All airports are required to have complete and relevant Airport Emergency Plans. These Airport Security Plans guarantee the safety and security of travelers, staff and airport tenants by ensuring all first responders to airport incidents (airport security, fire rescue, operations and airlines, etc) all have adequate training in response and inter-agency coordination in the event of various possible emergencies. Airport Emergency Plans and all other Airport Contingency Plans are vital components to any airport’s overall emergency response program, and must conform to a National Emergency Plan in order to be in compliance with ICAO and national standards.

Spranza has thirty years of experience in assisting airport authorities with their Airport Emergency Plans. Our services include the preparation of Airport Emergency Response Plans, Airport Contingency Plans, and organizing and conducting mandatory Airport Emergency Response Scenario Exercises.

Some of the services Spranza can provide are:
• Audit your current airport emergency response preparedness, procedures and policies;
• Manage the preparation of emergency plans for all aviation stakeholders;
• Prepare your facility’s Emergency Response Plan and/or,
• Provide your personnel with the guidance necessary to write your Emergency Response Plan in-house.

Airport Emergency Response Scenario Exercise Training

Airport Emergency Response Scenario Exercises are mandated by any state in compliance with ICAO’s best practices. Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) often dictate a rotating schedule of tabletop exercises, partial and then full-scale Emergency Exercises which require participation of most (if not all) agencies with emergency response responsibilities. The purpose of these exercises is to ensure that airports have the training and material capacity to handle an incident both on and off the airport property. Evidence shows strict adherence to the training requirements for partial or full-scale exercises greatly minimizes the loss of life during aircraft accidents.

Spranza offers a five day class in which students will learn about their Airport Emergency Plans, ICAO requirements for conducting exercises, and provided step-by-step assistance in understand how to disseminate plans and procedures. Then Spranza will oversee the scenario exercise and provide evaluation so that all personnel will understand their agency roles.

Spranza will:
• Perform your mandatory periodic Airport Emergency Plan Exercise Scenario, as required by ICAO Airport Services Manual Airport Emergency Planning – 1991 (Doc 9137 Part 7) and practices.
• Manage the evaluation and reporting of the exercise and auditing of the Airport Emergency Procedures.
• Provide complete digital and photographic record of your facility’s emergency response, along with required evaluation checklists that provide a realistic view of your facility’s disaster preparedness, readiness, response and recovery.
• Teach personnel to prepare and conduct future scenarios based on their airport emergency plans.

Airport Services Manual Airport Emergency Planning - 1991 (Doc 9137 Part 7) - ENGLISH - Printed

Manual which outlines ICAO Airport Emergency Plan requirements


Additional Emergency Planning Document Preparation Services

Spranza can:
• Manage the preparation of Airport Contingency Plans.
• Manage the preparation of Disaster Preparedness Plans.
• Manage the preparation of National Emergency Plans.

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Scenario Evaluations available:
• Airport Emergency Plans
• Airport Contingency Plans
• Airport Security Operating Instructions
• Municipal Responders
• Communications, Command & Control


Why Spranza

Spranza has experience working closely with states to develop their National Emergency Plans as well as the accompanying Contingency Plans for the state and airports level. The Airport Disaster Preparedness Program must be a combination of airport, air operator and municipal disaster preparedness policies and procedures designed to optimize the triad of Readiness, Response and Recovery. View our Airport Emergency Plan course in our ICAO listing here.


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