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Air Operators / Airlines / Civil Aviation Security Training

New Civil Aviation Security Regulations and Mandatory Documentation and training certifications for 135 and Commercial Carriers can seem confusing and costly to implement.

The experts at Spranza can assist you in achieving compliance with ICAO, US TSA, European Union(EU) and National Aviation Authorities.

Programs for all 135 and Commercial Carriers


Air Operator Security Plans
Air Operator Emergency Plans
Security and Emergency Checklists
AVSEC Quality Assurance and Security Awareness
SD 1544 Checklists

Featured AVSEC (Aviation Security) TRAINING*

123-72510 A          Air Operator Basic AVSEC
123-72520 A          Air Operator Security Supervisor
123-149P             Innovative Passenger Profiling Techniques
135-39241            Enhancing Interpersonal Communication Skills
123-62340            Air Operator Quality Assurance
123-72925-11        Employee Security Awareness
131-73130            Air Operator Fraud, Waste & Abuse Abatement
123-81242            Strategies for Combating aircraft sabotage
123-72590            Air Operator Flight Security Manager / Ground Security Officer


  • Infectious Diseases: Readiness, Response and Recovery
  • Budget Boot Camp: Developing an Effective AVSEC Budget

Additional Air Operator Services

Facility and Operational Security Assessments
Full Security Audit
On Demand AVSEC Assistance in:

interpreting and implementing TSA SSI’s such as SD 1544
meeting Regional Requirements such as ECCAA Directives
physical security hardware systems and equipment customized for the operator’s environment
and much more.

* Denotes ICAO Training Directory Number

Spranza’s documentation exceeds IATA IOSA program standards for civil aviation training.

For more information contact or Please call our U.S. office at +772.237.0166 or Skype at fspranza.



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