Spranza Team Leaders

Marie G. Spranza
President and Team Leader for Curriculum Development
Training Specialist

Marie G. Spranza is a founding partner of Spranza, LLC. Since its inception she has been integral to the development of the company’s vast civil aviation security ICAO compliant courses, a role she continues today. Recognized by the industry for her aviation security acumen and training expertise, in 2002, she was named to the Roster of Expert Consultants for the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau – Civil Aviation Security Consultant. Over the last 30 years, she has actively participated in Spranza assignments worldwide for civil aviation authorities, air operators, airport operations, States and various public/private partnership entities. She has worked or advised on assignments in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

As an American citizen born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, Spranza is fluent in English, French and Creole. She is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago in Political Science and French and is well versed in numerous cultural and political structures of developing nations, knowledge she uses to assist in designing programs tailored to client’s needs and program participants’ learning styles. A teacher by trade, Spranza brings her educator skills to curriculum development and presentation methodologies making the Spranza training approach highly effective boasting an increase in job knowledge and skills of 76% on average among Spranza-trained program attendees.

John Spranza
Senior Vice President, Training and Operations

John Spranza is the second generation to assume a leadership role in the three decade old Spranza, LLC. J. Spranza currently serves as the company’s senior vice president for training and operations. He has held numerous positions within the Spranza training organization including director, innovative technology services; project manager; training and program development supervisor, and trainer.

In his current position, John develops aviation security training strategies, course curricula and programs. He also oversees new business initiatives and trainer recruitment. John continues to serve as a trainer for short and long-term international projects.

An exceptional strategist, John transverses the globe advising clients on the state of aviation security, policy development and regulation adherence.

An outstanding communicator, John has excellent planning and organizational skills, and the ability to identify both strategic and tactical solutions. He has demonstrated experience in delivering successful, high profile projects. He specializes in aviation security and facilitation, program management, project management, regulatory affairs, business and systems analysis and design. A steward of clients’ budgets, John consistently demonstrates an ability to maximize resources towards achievement of goals.

In his leadership position with the aviation security training firm, Spranza, LLC, civil aviation authorities, airport and airline representatives worldwide regularly tap John’s expertise to develop customized aviation security and safety training programs that assist them in achieving and maintaining compliance with ICAO regulations and other national and international regulatory bodies.

Michael Postlewait
Business Development, Project Manager & Logistical Liaison

Michael Postlewaite is a highly experienced aviation security program professional with an expertise in project management including international experience in Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and the Caribbean. Building upon a successful law enforcement career, Postlewaite has implemented international programs establishing the rule of law, building judicial capacity, aviation/airport security and training Host Nation law enforcement and aviation security officers. He has mastered all aspects of federal contracting, from bid and proposal development, to recruiting, training, deployment and directing critical operations in the field. He served honorably in the United States Army and is a licensed commercial pilot.

Clinton John DeVerteuil
Team Leader/Specialist: Aviation Security, Cargo, Dangerous Goods

Clinton DeVerteuil serves as a Spranza training expert in the specialized areas of aviation security, cargo and dangerous goods. He is listed on the ICAO website as a Certified Professional Manager (PMC) and Subject Matter Expert. DeVerteuil brings to Spranza’s clients nearly two decades as an aviation security professional. He has worked globally as an industry consultant providing a range of aviation services to aircraft operators; air transport operations; airport operators, and State and Governmental agencies. In addition to cargo and dangerous goods, DeVerteuil also advises in the areas of AVSEC training, quality and risk management, and audit and assessment.

Trevor Benjamin
Team Leader: Safety
Specialist: Airport Management, Emergency Response Management

Trevor Benjamin is an aviation management specialist and former coordinator of the Master of Science Degree Program in Aviation Management at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. He received his Master’s in Aviation Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, USA, where he also completed numerous aviation-related certification programs from the university’s College of Business and College of Aviation. Additionally, Benjamin olds professional credentials from aviation-industry organizations and academic institutions including ICAO, FAA, United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority and George Washington University in Virginia, USA. Throughout his career, Benjamin has held several senior aviation management positions at various airports in the Caribbean. He has served on numerous regional governmental appointed committees lending his expertise in the development of Air Transportation in the region. He is a former chairman of the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and is the current deputy chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority.

Stuart Strome
Training/Curriculum Research & Oversight

Stuart Strome serves primarily as the Spranza liaison with the company’s university-based initiatives and partnerships. Additionally, Strome assists with the development, and provides oversight, for the Spranza, LLC online curriculum. He is an adjunct professor with the University of Florida in International Relations as well as consulting with the university in regard to its online course development.

Arthur Mencher
Chief, Psychological Services

Arthur Mencher’s work in developing and presenting skill training programs in the areas of conflict resolution; passenger profiling; interrogation, and inter-agency communication established the core of Spranza programs in these areas. Renowned for his work in the areas of biofeedback and crisis intervention, Mencher has served as a consulting psychologist to Spranza since 2002.

In addition to his work on behalf of Spranza, Mencher is in private practice. He is a member of the American Mental Health Association, American Counseling Association and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counseling, among other professional organizations. He holds a B.A. and Master’s in Psychology with further credentials through the Master’s Program in Educational Psychology from New York University and Queens College Doctoral Program in Neuropsychology.

Leo P. Munie
Chief Engineer, Instructor

Leo Munie has worked with Spranza since the late 1990’s assisting in the design, development and implementation of civil aviation security training programs that are compliant with lAW, ICAO Annex 17, US CAR’s 107,108 and related SARPS and regulations. He has provided client related services including onsite airport facility compliance consulting, security systems testing and evaluation, security administrative compliance to Annex 17 and related ICAO, US. FAA and Local National CAR’s.

In addition, his responsibilities have included administrative review; physical examination of security and administrative systems and operations; discrepancy report writing; establishing and mentoring of airport security committees, and implementation of an airport employee security awareness programs. He has consulted with clients on planning for resource allocation, manpower and costing assessments, as well as ongoing assistance in developing and maintaining local and national AVSEC guidelines.

Munie has authored complete Airport Security Plans, Airport Emergency Plans, IAW, ICAO, Airport Services

Manual Part 7/ Doc 9137-AN/898 Part7, and the drafting of National Civil AVSEC Legislation and Crisis Management Programs. He was named to the Roster of Expert Consultants for ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau – Civil Aviation Security Consultant in 2002.

Elizabeth Gamble
Chief Marketing Officer

Elizabeth (Liz) Gamble serves as chief marketing officer for Spranza, LLC after having worked with the company for many years as a communications and marketing consultant. Gamble specializes in corporate communications and brand management, in addition to strategy and development as well as issues and crisis management. An established industry professional, she excels at building brands for profitable growth across varied business models. She’s provided brand management development, strategic public relations, advertising and marketing counsel to clients across diverse industries including economic development and redevelopment, travel and tourism, hospitality, gaming/casinos, municipalities, public utilities, medical and healthcare, retail, e-commerce, real estate/master-planned communities, pet industry products, equestrian facilities, health and beauty, internet broadcasting, legal, and finance, among others. In her role as senior marketing communications counsel, she has advised such clients as MGM Grand International; Nevada Energy; Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino; Howard Hughes Corporation; Caesars Entertainment; Horses4Heroes; Las Vegas World Market Center/Design Center; Del Webb Corporation; Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA); Pulte Home Builders; City of Las Vegas; City of Henderson; Premier Anesthesia (IPO/After Market-Financial Relations); Shaggy Chic; Shelby Williams Industries; Fisher & Phillips Law Firm, to name a few. Throughout her career she has been active in community affairs having served on numerous boards and executive committees. Gamble is an author and speaker.