About Spranza, LLC

Spranza, LLC is a globally recognized specialist in providing ICAO-Trainair Plus-compliant training for aviation security.

Spranza has decades of experience and competency working with civil aviation authorities, air operators and airports as well as associated professionals in emergency response, law enforcement and customs and immigration.

All Spranza services and courses are customized to our client’s needs and budgetary considerations. Our team of diversified subject matter experts, trainers and consultants are experts in their respective fields.

The Spranza Training Mission

Our training mission is focused on providing the most efficient training solutions in accordance with the needs of our clients. Spranza competency-based courses are taught by the company’s subject matter experts per Trainair Plus standards and meet, or exceed, current national and international regulations.

Visible Results

Our objective is to provide quality assured professional training services, which deliver visible results. We focus on the effective transfer of knowledge and understanding in aviation regulation, compliance monitoring and oversight in the form of K/S/A’s (Knowledge, Skills, Attributes).

Spranza uses a systems approach to training which begins with the identification and analysis of training deficiencies and performance problems enabling us to provide the most suitable training solutions. We offer hands-on practice and academic instruction while incorporating the latest technologies. The success of our students, as measured by pre and post testing and skills evaluation, indicate an increase in job knowledge and skills by 76%.

We provide training program participants with specific competencies that enable the practical application in your own environment. Our training courses provide the theoretical foundation, which is built on throughout the training with practical exercises and facilitated discussion, using the experience of our instructors.

Spranza also provides mandatory retraining and follow-up as requested by the client. Additionally, certain Spranza courses are available online per clients’ needs and course requirements.

Compliance With ICAO Regulations

For more than three decades, civil aviation authorities worldwide have turned to Spranza to assist them in achieving and maintaining compliance with regulations put forth by ICAO and other international regulatory bodies.

Spranza courses are created and developed by our own course developers. Each course is Trainair Plus as put forth in the ICAO Trainair Plus guidelines. Spranza courses are included in the ICAO Aviation Training Directory. Our courses are supervised and conducted by Spranza Subject Matter Experts. Many of the company’s course developers and subject matter experts are members of the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau and who are listed by ICAO as Certified Professional Managers.

Our expertise is reflected in our broad range of available courses and workshops as well as our web-based training solutions.

Solutions For Your Security Training Needs

Spranza’s team of highly qualified and experienced subject matter experts and trainers, each one an expert in their specialty within the aviation security and safety arena, typically conduct instructor-led courses on-site at the client’s location.

Spranza’s tailored training and consultancy solutions add value to your organization. We take the time to understand our client’s requirements and explore how our capability can contribute to enhancing your aviation security performance.

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Our team of training are experts in their respective fields as they relate to aviation security and safety; emergency planning and security consultancy. Spranza team members have developed and implemented training programs and consulting assignments throughout the globe. Read more…


Contact Spranza aviation industry experts for more information contact spranzallc@gmail.com or training@spranza.com. Please call our U.S. office at +772.237.0166 or Skype at fspranza.