Spranza, LLC is an international aviation security training firm offering customizable, on-site aviation security training courses in compliance with Trainair Plus guidelines. Each course is competency-based and meets, or exceeds, the regulations and standards put forth by international and national regulatory bodies and aviation-industry organizations such as ICAO, U.S. FAA, ECAS, OECS, IATA as well as other organizations. Spranza also provides aviation security and aviation safety-related services such as compliance document preparation, safety training, emergency response preparation, disaster preparedness, airport security training courses, airline security training programs and CAA security training, among others.

Spranza has designed and delivered aviation training programs throughout the globe for civil aviation authorities, air operators and airports as well as associated professionals in emergency response, law enforcement and customs and immigration. Spranza also provides for the integration of security standards and practices to facilities’ IT System.

Our team of diversified subject matter experts, trainers and consultants are experts in their respective fields as they relate to aviation security and training.

Spranza offers the following Aviation Security Training courses either on-site, online, or both, depending on clients’ needs and course requirements: Airport Employee Security Awareness Training, Aviation Security Officer CQT, Airside / Landside Basic Civil Aviation Security Checkpoint Screener Training, AVSEC (Aviation Security) Basic Supervisor Training, Advanced Security Supervisor Training Interrogation and Report Writing for Aviation Security Officers, Interpersonal Communication for Security Personnel, Security Checkpoint X-Ray Screener Certification, and others.

Spranza aviation security training courses are listed in the ICAO Training Directory.

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